with Ferenc Hamburger on the keyboards again. Zsuzsa Jakab left the band on March 2005. After audition of a few singers, the band finds the right voice in Anita Kun. Hammer/Nail Records relesed the 4th album in May 2006, with guest singers Jozsef Kalapacs (ex-Pokolgep, Omen) and Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm). The album “Ébredés/Revival” contains all songs in Hungarian and in English as well. Still in this year, Laszlo Bekesi leaves the band. The new drummer became an old friend, Tamas Takacs. New video is released in April 2007 for the song “Angel”. Tibor Preil joins the band again in September 2007. Right before finishing the new album, Ferenc Hamburger left the band. In January 2008, Lajos Gallay joined for keyboards, so the band became complete again. The 5th Ideas album „Főnix/Phoenix” released in December 2008. In June 2009, after 15 years, Mihaly Torma (bass) and Laszlo Zelizi (guitar) left Ideas. The band decided not to look for another guitar player, so Tibcsy will play all the guitars. Fortunately, band could quickly find the new bass player Attila Schlick. From Sept 2009, Ideas could tour with Dalriada, hitting 17 venues. Then, a long songwriting period started. In May 2010, a flood damaged the computer which stored all the final keyboard tracks for the new album. After a while, Lajos Gallay leaves the band. From September a new keyboardist Zoltan Molnar from city Szeged helps to rearrange the keyboards tracks. At the end of 2011, the 6th album is released as „Őrizd a Szíved/Hide your Heart”. The long distance between Szeged and Tatabanya resulted difficulties regarding rehearsals and concerts,