Ideas was formed in October 1994, on Tatabanya (Hungary), by 4 members: Laszlo Zelizi - guitar, Gabor Szendofi – guitar/vocal, Mihaly Torma – bass, Laszlo Bekesi – drums. In 1995 two demos were recorded: “Enthralled” and “Az emlékező“. In 1996 new members joined: Tibor Preil – guitar, Linda Pacziga - vocal and Ferenc Hamburger - keyboards. After many concerts, the third demo was released as the first official demo, called “Like A Forced Withering”. In 1998, first album “Maze (The Portrait Of Our Race)” came out, which received good feedback by underground scene worldwide. First video of Ideas was released for song ”Shining”. In 1999, Linda Pacziga and Ferenc Hamburger left the band. The singer became József Szűcs. A common friend, Péter Bokros became the keyboardist. In 2000 Nephilim Records released the 2nd album ”Journey Around A Soul”, which was distributed internationally as well. Ideas could perform on big festivals (eg. Gothica, Sziget, Metal Millennium etc.) On early 2001 József left the band and Kata Veres joined as a singer. Hammer/Nail Records released the 3rd album “New Dreams' Cradle” on summer of 2003, including songs “Pure Flying” and “...And Some Thoughts”, which appeared on several compilation as well eg. TAZ, Gothica... Half year after album release, Kata Veres, Gabor Szendofi and Peter Bokros left the band. A bit later, Tibor Preil left as well and he joined to band Agregator. 2004 was spent with finding new members and composing songs. A „new” Ideas is about to be born, anticipating a new album based on ”Demo of the next album '04, ”Demo of the next album '05” and ”Drastic Times ’05” with singer Zsuzsa Jakab and